Graduated of a Computing bachelor and a Engineer (specialized Data scientist) to become, I put at profit my passion and skills in computing (web, software, machine learning) and in project management (AGILE, SCRUM) for optimal projects advance.

Highly motivated, serious, hard worker oriented teamwork or independant and also déveloper with an experience for performances and velocity improvment of professional programs



Certification Python (3.7) - Udemy   /   Course website

Certification Machine Learning - Udemy   /   Course website

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Hi, I'm Arnaud Ceragioli, a web developer and Data scientist enthusiast based at Sophia-Antipolis, France.

MERN Stack developer (React/NodeJS) - 2019/2020

Internship (6 months)

KME (Engineering Copper Solutions) - Florence, Italy

- Web application development dealing about metals prices in real time and history.

- Databases management (NO-SQL/MongoDB).

Full Stack developer (C#/ASP.NET) - 2019

Internship (5 months)

Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie - Nice, France

- Reverse Engineering on a assurances policies and statistics studies software.

- Database management (TRANSACT-SQL).

Software developer - 2017/2018

Apprenticeship (1 year)

CEDRIUM Informatique - Sophia-Antipolis, France

- Goods, programs, applications development under Windev.

- Database (TRANSACT-SQL), servers, website management.

Web developer (PHP, SQL, JS, C#) - 2017

Internship (3 months)

TM4 Inc - Montreal, Québec

- Web services devlopment on the web platform.

- Services optimizations, data transfert between databases.

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This is a selection of some personal projects i've developed (websites, softwares). Here's a little list.

GitHub link: CERAGIOLI Arnaud - GitHub

Fire alarm system (Python 3.7, Flask)

- Management and analyse of multiple sensors data.

- Real time visualisation on website if an incident is detected.

Hand VR (Python 3.7, C#)

- Movement data analysis of glove's sensors.

- 3D generation of positions on VR headset (OpenCV)

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